The Heroic Tale of Nancy

Chapter 2: How Did Anyone Survive Without Nancy?

As we continue on toward the mill, Magdare searches for herbs inside ransacked houses. Within one boarded-up house, the party stumbles upon a secret room with villagers and children hiding inside. There’s no time to save villagers, however. The mill is burning. We tell the villagers to continue to hide, and we’ll come back to save them later. Secretly, the party suspects they’ll all be dead by the time we come back. But you never know!

We eventually reach the mill and get ambushed inside by flying Kobolds. Flying Kobolds are terrible. They dodge almost everything and drop rocks on heads. Ronald ponders the likelihood of getting brain damaged. After a difficult battle, we discover the mill isn’t on fire. It was all an elaborate trap. Bruce takes three large sacks of grain as compensation.

After traveling back to the boarded-up house, the party is happily surprised to find the hiding villagers still alive. We escort them back to the keep. At the keep, the flying dragon lands atop the roof. This is our chance to talk to the dragon! The party tries to approach, but everyone is too terrified. We decide to ignore the giant dragon on the roof. Governor Nighthill instead gives us another quest: to go rescue villagers stuck inside the church across town.

Off we go, back into the city! We make our way to the church and find it under siege by cultists. (The cultists even have a battering ram that makes a dramatic “THUD” every time it hits the church door)! We take out a group of cultists behind the church and sneak the hiding villagers out the back, successfully escorting them back to the keep. Our party has saved so many villagers!

Back at the keep, the cultists gather outside and their leader steps up. It’s Cyanwrath, and he’s taken women and children hostage. He demands a duel in exchange for their lives. Our party discusses who to send. Bruce is chosen. We are pessimistic about his chances.

Bruce leaves the keep dramatically to begin his duel with Cyanwrath. Bruce rages and attacks, but Cyanwrath is quite strong. After taking quite a few hits, the party begins to worry about Bruce dying. Muffin debates using a mirror to “accidentally” blind Cyanwrath during battle. At this point, however, Bruce somehow suddenly becomes ridiculously OP. He rages and strikes a critical blow. Then dodges all of Cyanwrath’s attacks. Then strikes another critical blow. Cyanwrath falls. Everyone is in awe. Bruce has defeated Cyanwrath.

The hostages are released. Cultists rescue Cyanwrath and drag away his body before we can capture him. The Cultists leave. The city cheers for us and declare us heroes! Hooray!



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